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Job Description:

You will participate in a project regarding in-house IT system design as a system engineer (application design, package/cloud service implementation)

Job Requirements:

  • Construction of web system
  • ・Digital marketing design
  • ・Construction of operational system utilizing Cloud and SaaS
  • Tenure: Permanent
  • Offered Salary: 5M JPY or higher
  • Industry: Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Experience: Experience in developing packages on AWS ・New business development, business model reform, and M&A support ・Group and global business management ・Reinforcement of governance ・Marketing strategy and sales reform ・Business reform ・Supply chain management ・Human resource management ・Digital strategy and IT management ・Experience in participating in a project to construct and introduce web and cloud system as a system engineer ・Programming experience (regardless of language)
  • Qualification: Possess cloud-related certifications (AWS Certified SA Professional, Developer Associate, etc.)