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Job Description:

Analysis of company and customer data and extraction of insights/implications

・Analysing data and extracting outcome in line with tasks based on business strategy development in cooperation with Business Strategy Group

・Extracting insights and constructing hypothesis by mining customer (mainly ID-POS data) and in-house data in line with the alliance plan with retailers


Construction of an automated system

・System design and construction for automation of data analysis

・Instructions to system integrators and project management

  • Tenure: Permanent
  • Offered Salary: 6M JPY~12M JPY total
  • Industry: Professional Services
  • Experience: ・At least 3 years of experience as a data analyst or data scientist doing data mining on your own in a “digital transformation for customer experience” project ・Those who have continuously conducted education and knowledge transfer to subordinates
  • Qualification: ・Knowledge of SQL is a must ・Skill set and knowledge as a data scientist ・Competencies (interpersonal skills and self-control) which can be transferred to in-house human resources ・Knowledge of analytics/data mining of B2C consumer goods is preferred